Mommies and Daddies-
You may now sell your unwanted kids’ clothes with us!

Step By Step

Choose & Check

Choose the items your kids no longer need, wear or use. Then, check that the items are included in our Accepted Brand List and fulfill our Quality Requirements*


Pack your items at your convenience, with any available packaging.

Pick-up or Drop-off

Arrange a door-to-door Pick-up service, or kindly drop your items at one of our drop-off locations.

Cash or Store Credit

Babyverse HK takes care of the rest for you. Kindly redeem your reward in terms of cash or Babyverse HK store credit.

Quality Requirements*
For Consignment Items

By ensuring a high-end luxurious shopping experience for every single customer at Babyverse HK, we expect our customers to receive the products with excitement as if purchasing a brand new one, high quality standards are set for all items sold via Babyverse HK:

We only accept items from premium classic designers, child specializing brands, and all high-quality brands for sale. Please refer to our Accepted Brand List or contact us directly if you are unsure as to whether a particular brand would be accepted.

All items sold must be clean and tidy, and without any damages. Babyverse HK would perform a 10-point inspection test on all items to ensure quality standards: Tearing, marks, smell, stretches, thinning, fades, holes, fraying, missing parts and pilling are all unacceptable.

You may find all the details in the Sell with Us Document.

Do you know that there is 33.4KG of Co2 emission from making one pair of jeans, which
is equivalent to driving 120km in the average car.

Why Babyverse

One-stop service

We offer a full set of service from collection, sanitizing, photographing, listing, cataloguing, communication, to sale, shipping and payout.


The earth is sick! Let’s grab our hands to contribute to the environment by responsibly recycling the clothes, toys and accessories your kids no longer need!

Time Saving

Pack your stuff, hand it off to Babyverse HK, then sit back and enjoy once the items are sold. Babyverse HK does the rest for you!

Did you know that 80 million tonnes of textile waste is thrown out to landfills each year
globally? That is equivalent to one garbage truck of textiles sent to a landfill every second.


You may choose to drop off the clothing items at our designated locations, or enjoy a free pick up service for sales with more than 10 clothing items!

Arrange a Free Pick-Up service if you have more than 10 clothing items to sell.

Drop off your clothing items at our Tsim Sha Tsui or Sheung Wan offices.


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